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Volvo Club of Victoria annual special service award

To recognise members of the Volvo Club of Victoria (the Club) that have given continuous outstanding service to the Club.
The Annual Special Service Award

One annual award to an individual Club Member, family or group of Club Members comprising a framed certificate with a descriptive summary of the recipient’s service to the Club and an appropriate gift to a maximum value of $100.00. The award will be presented at the Club’s Annual General Meeting in August.

Executive Committee Members (who themselves are not eligible) and Club Members may nominate Club Members they feel are deserving of the Special Service Award. Nominations must be sent to the President of the Club by 30th April in the year the award is to be offered with reasons for nomination suitable for use when announcing the recipient. The Executive Committee of the Club shall determine if there will be an award recipient and who it will be. It is not essential that there be an award recipient in any given year.

The following criteria shall be taken into account when nominating or considering recipients for the Special Service Award:
Length of service – recipients will usually have 5 or more years of service (not just membership) to the Club Commitment – recipients have shown continuous dedication to contributing to the effective administration, purpose and activities consistent with the Club’s Rules of Association and a willingness to pitch in wherever needed.

Service – recipients will have made a strong contribution to the Club (often working behind the scenes) in areas such as: organising Club drive days; work on the Club’s annual show day; planning and/or hosting Club social events; promoting fellowship with other Volvo clubs and motoring organisations; promotion of the Volvo marque, contributing to the content and publication of Rolling Magazine.

The Committee of the Volvo Club of Victoria adopted the Annual Special Service Award at the Committee Meeting held on 30 July 2016.

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