VicRoads Club Permit Scheme (CPS)

The VicRoads Club Permit Scheme (CPS) has undergone some changes that impact Volvo Club of Victoria members.  These changes are in place now and affect all new and existing CPS applications.

Four items addressed here are:

  • Basic overview of the VicRoads CPS
  • How to apply for a new CPS permit
  • How to renew an existing CPS permit
  • Checklists for CPS applications and renewals

Overview of the VicRoads Club Permit Scheme

The CPS is commonly known as ‘Club Plates’ or ‘Historic plates’ or ‘CH plates’ – these are all the same and will remain largely unchanged.

There is also now a second type of permit for modified vehicles that will be known as ‘M’ club permits.  These are for vehicles ‘Modified’ outside the ‘original’ specifications of the vehicle and require a VACC engineers certificate to be eligible.

The CPS is a simple way to enable eligible cars, trucks and motorcycles to be used without registration on a restricted basis.
Please note that a club permit IS NOT VicRoads REGISTRATION!
It is a permit to drive the specified vehicle on a specified day.

Two permits schemes are available, 45 day and 90 day.  These allow the owner to ‘permit the car to be used’ on up to 45 days of the year, or up to 90 days of the year respectively.  The 45 or 90 days do not need to be consecutive, any single 45 or 90 calendar days within the 12 month period of the CPS permit are Ok.  By completing a log book entry (in pen, not pencil or erasable pen) a vehicle owner is effectively actioning a permit to drive the car for that calendar day in the relevant timezone (state or territory).  Trips that cover two calendar days (eg. drive to venue, then drive home after midnight – which is another calendar day) require a log book entry for each calendar day. Only the first driver of the day needs to be recorded in the log book, any subsequent drivers do not need to be listed in the log book for that days entry.

The entry requirements for the scheme are much the same as a registration application, a VicRoads approved Roadworthy Certificate (RWC) is required as well as some club based paperwork that must be completed by a club official.

Rules and requirements are available in the AOMC (Association Of Motoring Clubs Inc.) prepared “The Victorian Club Permit Scheme HANDBOOK”  (the White cover is the current version dated October 2015) which is available from VCoV meetings and most committee members for $6.

CPS permitted vehicles cannot be used for commercial gain or “payment or reward”. This includes film work, photo shoots, swap meets if goods for sale are carried in the vehicle, weddings and Deb Balls if for payment or reward.

As only one club members vehicle (John’s 1937 Volvo PV) is pre-1949, the pre-1949 rules will not be covered here.
The CPS is now valid in all states and territories in Australia so long as Victorian rules are followed.

The Club Permit Scheme could easily be described as being far more popular than expected by VicRoads with many tens of thousands of vehicles have been added to the scheme in the six years to 2018, it is expected that further changes will continue to ensure the CPS is used for the manner in which it was intended.  Please expect more changes to occur over the next few years as the scheme is refined and matures.

How to apply for a new CPS permit

To successfully apply for a CPS permit for a vehicle there are several steps to be taken.  A VCoV prepared checklist is below.  The vehicle must be eligible for the scheme, the owner must be a member of a registered car club (VCoV is one of these), the vehicle must have a valid roadworthy certificate, the club must verify the vehicle as eligible, one of the club signatories must physically sign the application form, and a visit to a VicRoads office must be completed.

The VicRoads website has a great explanation here:

Eligibility:  Generally, all previously registered motor vehicles in Australia older than 25 years and a month on the date of CPS application are eligible for a CPS permit. VicRoads will usually use the Australian Vehicle Compliance Date and not the build date for the 25 year calculation which can be a bother for Volvo’s as there is often a few months between build and Australian compliance.

Club membership: An applicant MUST be a financial member of a VicRoads recognised car club, like the VCoV, at time of application and throughout the CPS duration.  A letter can be provided to state a members membership status, though a VCoV membership card will suffice. Membership MUST BE MAINTAINED for the permit to be valid.  If membership of the club lapses then the CPS is INVALID AND YOU WILL BE DRIVING AN UNREGISTERED VEHICLE! These records are regularly updated with VicRoads.

Roadworthy certificate: The vehicle must have a valid and current certificate of roadworthiness from a VACC registered VicRoads site.  See here for further details:

Club recognition: The application must include a Vehicle Eligibility and Standards Declaration for Club Permit Vehicles form from the recognised car club (VCoV for us) completed.

Club signatory: a VCoV signatory (who are intentionally not listed here, they are available at club meetings and events) must sign the application form prior to visiting VicRoads.

VicRoads office visit: Once all paperwork is compiled and completed a visit to a VicRoads office with all of the paperwork will see it through.  The experiences of club members is that VicRoads staff are very helpful and make the application process quite simple. It is a complex task for the VicRoads people due to a use of an old database so do be patient if it takes a while.

See VicRoads website for specific details here:

How to renew an existing CPS Permit:

VicRoads will send a renewal in the mail about two months ahead of the expiry date – the onus is on the owner to ensure you have received an update.

If you have chosen 45 Days use previously then the renewal will be for 45 Days but if the previous permit was for 90 Days the renewal will be for 90 Days. To change this you must attend a VicRoads Office before you get the renewal signed and ask for a 45 Days Permit to be sent to you. VicRoads are unable to process this at the time of request, a new renewal will be sent out to you.

NOTE: If you have a 45 Days Permit and use the 45 Days in a 12 month period you can apply for another 45 Days at the VicRoads Office and this does not require any additional signatures.

Ensure that you are a current Financial Member of the VCoV.

Request a VCoV Signatory to sign the renewal at either a Club meeting or by other arrangements with the signatory, for example a show or club drive or coffee day.

Attend VicRoads in person (see checklist below) to pay for your renewal.


Checklists for CPS applications and renewals:

New application:

Certificate of Roadworthiness (see VACC directorate)

Proof of “ownership or management of the vehicle”, a receipt or previous registration papers

Completed Club Permit Scheme Application form, signed by a club signatory.
Vehicle Eligibility and Standards Declaration for Club Permit Vehicles form

Valid Club membership in the Volvo Club of Victoria



Valid / current membership in the Volvo Club of Victoria

Signed (by a VCoV signatory) application/renewal form

Must attend VicRoads in person and show your licence or sign a letter of authority (with you licence number included) for someone else to pay your renewal.

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