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Thanks for your interest in our Club. We’ve got a useful range of contacts that can help you experience the club or answer questions on your Volvo.

For privacy and security reasons the email addresses of members have been removed.  Fo contact options please call one of the committee members listed below.

Need advice?

Whether it’s on a particular car or just in general, please contact a register captain listed below for advice.

Like to join the club?

See the Membership page

Selling your car and/or parts?

A great way to sell your car is to put an advert in the magazine and on the website. Adverts are free on the website and easy to do, you simply create an account and upload your own advert. Then, send a message to the magazine editor, Greg Sievert:  who will add it to the next issue of the magazine. If you have trouble placing an ad, please contact Greg and he can place the ad for you.

Wanting parts and/or cars

If you’re looking for a particular car or part, the best options are to place and advert on the website or contact the model register captain who will be able to point you in the best direction. Each register captain has been selected because they have extensive knowledge and experience regarding their chosen cars and have a finger on the pulse of the Volvo community.
The Oz Volvo forums are growing in popularity and are an alternative source for information, these forums are not however part of the club.

Model Specific Contacts (Register Captians)

PV444/544 & 120
Philip Perkins
0400 026 553

John Johnson
0414 385 962 (AH)

Heino Nowatzky
0425 705 045

Mark Hoffmann
0402 071 186 (AH)

700/900 & S90/V90
William Liao
0481 277 815

Laurie Menogue
0402 427 371

Mark Richardson
0403 814 545

Heino Nowatzky
0425 705 045

Ash Davies
0412 709 695

General Committee

Dion Nowatzky

Darcy Rule

Nicholas Ball

Robert Susanj

Club Officers

Heino Nowatzky
0425 705 045

Vice President
Werner Golla
0419 351 060

Membership Secretary,
Magazine Editor

Greg Sievert
0401 713 595

Assistant Editor/Graphic Designer
Jay Kenneally
0450 266 575

Secretary, Scrutineer
Public & Safety Officer
John Johnson
0414 385 962 (AH)

Scrutineer / Safety Officer
Graeme Berry
(03) 9874 5544

Werner Golla
0419 351 060

Daniel McIndoe

Offical Photographer
Gerard Gowans

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