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AOMC submission to change luxury car taxes

The following has been received from the AOMC (in October 2017) and the committee encourages club members to read it and participate in the survey if they desire.


Dear Association Member,
Seeking to Remove the Luxury Car Tax in Australia 
The Association is involved in a RACV sub-committee which is preparing a comprehensive submission to the Australian Government to remove the luxury car tax on the importation of vehicles over 30 years old.  On higher value cars, it can amount to 40% of the landed cost in Australia, with no corresponding increase in the value of the car.  Essentially, this makes the importation into Australia of high value classic cars prohibitive.  Very sadly there is only a one way trade.
The Association is particularly concerned about the tax’s impact on the importation of vehicles over 30 years old into Australia and is putting some considerable effort into having it removed.
This tax leads to cars leaving the country not being replaced and less local economic activity as a result.  It also makes no sense to apply it to older vehicles as it was to protect the Australian car manufacturing industry, which as we also know, now no longer exists.
As part of this submission the RACV sub-committee is seeking some information on your car(s), their operating cost, and your intentions should a luxury car tax not exist.  This will, in summary and non-attributable form, be part of the comprehensive and broadly supported submission. Please note that unless you wish to provide your name and phone number, it is entirely anonymous. It will be appreciated if you could forward this information to your Club members.
Please click on the following link to get to the survey.  It is 5 questions and will take 5 minutes.
Thank you in advance for your time and your information.President and Executive Committee

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