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Annual Tune-up day at Voldat

The annual tune up day was well attended with nearly 15 cars going up on the hoist for the once over even in rather wet and almost wild weather conditions.  It was well enough attended to spike the interest of some neighbours who wandered in for a look at some of the cars after their gym session too (from the gym across the road)!

As always, John and the two Mark’s offered their time and workshop to give club members the opportunity to have a look at their cars from the underside.  There were the wise eyes of John and the Mark’s on what needed attention, and the wise mouth of one of the Mark’s for the inappropriate.

The cars ranged from a couple of 1800’s through a 240, a few 740’s and a couple of late model front wheel drives like the V70 and S60.  While there are many new Volvo’s in the club now it seems the old ones just keep on going!

As the only ‘free to members’ day for a mechanical inspection it is a day well worth attending.

Big thanks to John of Voldat www.voldat.com.au and Mark Richardson of VP Tuning www.vptuning.com.au for the location and Mark from Berry’s Motor Group for the paperwork www.berrymotorgroup.com.au  Thanks also goes to Doug for the pics.


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