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20/02/2017 Comments Off on 2017 Volvo Club annual Show ‘n Shine Past Event Galleries

2017 Volvo Club annual Show ‘n Shine

2017 was the most challenging Show ‘n shine in recent history with awkward weather keeping us under the cover of the clubs tents through much of the morning. Thankfully the cars and enthusiasm of the Volvo club members meant the day went ahead with the usual dedication and success.

Around 60 cars were on display, from old to new. The range of display cars was broad, covering 80 of the 90 years of Volvo. The oldest being the 1938 PV52 and the newest were two current model Volvo’s supplied by Melbourne City Volvo.

The winners of the popularly voted prizes were:

120/Amazon and PV: 1st: PV52 (John Johnson) 2nd: Equal 120 (Phil Perkins) & PV544 (Len Ward)
P1800: 1st: P1800 (John Johnson) 2nd: P1800 (Andrew Marney)
140/160: 1st:142 (Lance Phillips) 2nd: 164 (Mark Iceton)
242/262: 1st: 262C (Doug Miller) 2nd: 242GT (Lance Phillips)
200 series: 1st: 240GLE (Thorben Hughes) 2nd: Equal 244 DL (Mark Hoffman) & 240 GLE (Dion Nowatzky)
700, 900 and S90: 1st: 780 (John Johnson) 2nd: 740 HP Turbo (Mark Iceton)
Small Volvo’s (300, 400, S/V40 up to 2004): 1st: 360 GLT (Laurie Menouge) 2nd: V40 (Mark Richardson)
850 and later: 1st: S80 V8 (Peter Hoffman) 2nd: 850 T5R (Mark Iceton)
Modified: 1st: 282 GT (David Calligari) 2nd: 142 (Jay Stagoll)

Guest concours judges from the Mercedes Club, Warren Martin and John Cuccaro, selected their top five cars and also a car of the show. These were:

Top 5 & Car of the show – 244 GL (Adrian Beavis)
Top 5 – 780 (John Johnson)
Top 5 – 244 DL (Mark Hoffman)
Top 5 – P1800 (John Johnson)
Top 5 – P1800 (Andrew Marney)

Also a special mention to John Johnson and the 1938 PV52 that was awarded the AOMC Presidents Award. This is the second year running that a Volvo has caught the eye of the AOMC President. Well done John.

FLE_8753 FLE_8751 FLE_8750 FLE_8746 FLE_8742 FLE_8741 FLE_8740 FLE_8738 FLE_8737 FLE_8734 FLE_8730 FLE_8727 FLE_8723 FLE_8713 FLE_8707 FLE_8705 FLE_8704 FLE_8703 FLE_8702 FLE_8694 FLE_8693 FLE_8691 FLE_8690 FLE_8688 FLE_8686 FLE_8681 FLE_8679 FLE_8677 FLE_8676 FLE_8672 FLE_8667 FLE_8663 FLE_8660 FLE_8658 FLE_8656 FLE_8654 FLE_8653 FLE_8650 FLE_8648 FLE_8646 FLE_8643 FLE_8640 FLE_8638 FLE_8634 FLE_8633 FLE_8631 FLE_8628 FLE_8627 FLE_8625 FLE_8624 FLE_8619 FLE_8618 FLE_8615 FLE_8611 FLE_8608 FLE_8605 FLE_8603 FLE_8601 FLE_8598 FLE_8594 FLE_8593 FLE_8583 FLE_8579 FLE_8577 FLE_8574 FLE_8573 FLE_8572 FLE_8570 FLE_8568 FLE_8566 FLE_8563 FLE_8559 FLE_8558 FLE_8553 FLE_8549 FLE_8544 FLE_8542




































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