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Malmsbury ‘Boys Day Out’

This was the first Malmsbury “Boys day Out” organised the day before Father’s Day, September 5th 2015.
The Volvo Club has an association with Malmsbury through the Moto Bean Cafe.
Sixteen Volvo’s turned up on the day making ours the biggest single club display. Six of our Country members joined us for the day and it was an opportunity for me to present Larissa and Sam with Trophies they had won at the Classic Car showcase (better late than never).

Malmsbury 001 Malmsbury 002 Malmsbury 003 Malmsbury 004 Malmsbury 011 Malmsbury 015 Malmsbury 007 Malmsbury 017 Malmsbury 019 Malmsbury 026 Malmsbury 059 Malmsbury 053 Malmsbury 060 Malmsbury 039 Malmsbury 036 Malmsbury 037 Malmsbury 035 Malmsbury 050 Malmsbury 043

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