Volvo Club of Victoria COVID-Safe Guidelines

For the foreseeable future Club events will be planned and managed consistent with the Club’s Covid-Safe Guideline which has been published in the Rolling edition #255.  You can view the guidelines below.  Club members are encouraged to be aware of the provisions of the Guideline and keep informed of prevailing Victorian government restrictions that could impact upon their attendance at Club events.  Some planned events may, at short notice, have to be cancelled or have attendance capped consistent with venue/location requirements and government requirements and health advice at the time.  Please regularly check the Club’s website for latest event updates.



Date Endorsed by the Committee of the Volvo Club of Victoria: 10/02/2021

Review Date: Six (6) months after endorsement by the Committee of the Club

Currency: For the period of time that the State of Victoria is under health and safety orders linked to Covid 19.

Application of The Guideline: To all Club members and guests attending events organised by the Volvo Club of Victoria (e.g. this would include Club meetings, drive days, coffee & chat mornings, events held at a hospitality venue, hosting by a Club member at their home, sit down meals as part of a Club event and static display events), to ensure the event is managed consistent with current public health advice.


To minimise the introduction and spread of Covid 19, Covid Safe hygiene principles will be promoted and adopted by the Club consistent with government requirements and advice, including:

  • Informing all Club members of the Club’s Covid Safe Guideline.
  • The wearing of approved face masks.
  • Physical distancing (1.5 metres).
  • Good hand hygiene.
  • Don’t attend events if unwell.
  • Promote outdoor events instead of indoors, where practical.

All Club members attending Club events are expected to have access to an approved face mask and must wear face masks consistent with government requirements and advice, including where physical distancing requirements cannot be met whether indoors or outdoors.


To minimise the introduction and spread of Covid 19 the Club will manage attendance at Club events, by:

  • Identifying an event organiser for each Club event.
  • Requiring Club members who are unwell or have a cold, fever, cough, sore throat not attend Club events.
  • Encouraging Club members in a Covid 19 vulnerable age group to consider whether they should attend events.
  • Facilitating a registration system (confirmation by Club members of their attendance prior to the event) to manage Club members’ awareness of and compliance with current government requirements and advice and to ensure the maximum permitted number of people permitted at any venue or location is not exceeded.
  • The registration system will be used by the organiser of the Club event to collect contact details of Club members and guests attending the event which can be used for contact tracing if necessary. “Walk-up” attendees at the event will only be accepted when the maximum number of people attending the event is not exceeded.
  • The Responsible Club Officer and the organiser of a Club event is responsible for implementation of the Club’s Covid Safe Guideline, including:
    • Ensuring consistency with government requirements and advice.
    • Managing attendance at the Club event.
    • Where appropriate, ensuring hand wipes and sanitisers are available for Club members at Club events.

Other Club members can be co-opted by the event organiser to assist


In the event of a suspected or confirmed case of Covid 19 at a Club event, the Responsible Club Officer will:

  • Notify the Coronavirus Hotline (1800 675 398)
  • Identify close contacts, based on the registration system information, and provide relevant Club member contact information to support contact tracing.
  • Notify Club members that attended the event.


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