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: Blue Mountains NSW
: $ 144
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It's well into 2017 now and I'm STILL looking for that elusive 1973 model Volvo 144, ideally a running unit.

As far as engine or transmission goes, I am flexible. There are a number of MUSTS however upon which I insist -

* It MUST have minimal or zero rust.

* It MUST be a 73 144. (NOT a 74, not a 72, not an 1994 850, and definitely not a fish tank or an 'iPhone 6s 128gb best model out'. Just so we're clear on this).

* The body MUST be complete (i.e. have all its panels, glass, bumpers, and its interior, even if roached).

* If not a running unit, it MUST be repairable and capable of obtaining registration in NSW at some point, even if a lot of mechanical work is needed on it for a blue slip. (In other words, dead engines or gearboxes aren't an issue, but statuary write-offs are a sale-killing problem).

* I MAY consider a non-light blue car, if so it MUST have either blue, black, or red interior trim.

One of the display pictures is of a 144 which was purchased in Melbourne by a Volvo Club of Victoria member , then he re-sold that car in October of 2014. Would the present owner like to sell it to me?

If not, I know somebody out there has one, somewhere... and I want it! (please??)
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